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Barrington, Rhode Island

Peck Center is currently open for Membership Sign-Up and Limited Class Registrations 

Masks and Social Distancing Required


Snowstorms and hurricanes can create inclement weather conditions throughout various times of the year. The Senior Center will be closed whenever the EBCAP Meal Sites are closed due to snow or other inclement weather.

Announcements pertaining to closings and cancellations are announced on radio stations and major television channels (see attached list). You may also call the Senior Center at 247-1926 X 201 for additional information.  If you call the Peck Center and no one answers the phone, please stay home and safe until you can verify that the Center is open.  

The director is responsible for notifying the bus driver, the kitchen supervisor and Peck Center staff.  

Please note that the director holds the authority to close the Center early due to inclement weather at any time.


1) Cancellations are heard on WPRO-AM.  The cancellation reads "East Bay and Aquidneck Island Meal Sites"

2) Cancellation of the meal site has no bearings to cancellations of schools!

3) This is an area project - meaning if one site is open, all are open.  If one site is closed, all are closed.  The decision to close is made by Karen Emmes and Ray Sinapi of the Cranston Senior Center only.  Senior Center Directors do not make this decision.

4) Participants may call East Bay Community Action Program at 437-1000 anytime after 9:00 am for update on meal site closings.

5) Participants may not call Cranston Senior Cener.

Thank you for your patience in dealing with stormy weather.

Peck Center
Town of Barrington
281 County Road, Barrington, RI 02806
401-247-1926 X 201

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