Senior Services
Barrington, Rhode Island


In cooperation with the Barrington Police and Fire Departments, the Peck Center for Adult Enrichment offers a basic emergency response system to any senior or disabled resident of the Town of Barrington. The system consists of a message base unit (no larger than an answering machine) and a pendant with a call button.

Each unit is programmed with a pre-recorded voice message that states your name and address. When the call button on the pendant is activated from any room in your home, it triggers the base unit to dial Barrington emergency personnel automatically.  Barrington emergency personnel will then immediately respond to your home.

The pendant generally does NOT function outside of the user’s home. The base unit has a back-up battery to allow for its function in the event of an electrical failure due to storms, severed lines, etc.

Required for installation: an electric outlet and active landline phone jack (must be located on the same wall in a centrally located room within the house). The phone jack can have a phone attached to it already, as there is a special adapter to plug in both the phone and base unit.

There is a one-time fee of $100 but no monthly fee thereafter. If the $100 fee is not affordable, it may be possible to arrange for a partial-fee or no-fee installation.

Replacement pendants are available at an additional cost. The units are inspected and maintained periodically throughout the year by the Emergency Dialer Liaison at the Peck Center for Adult Enrichment. Call the Peck Center for Adult Enrichment to schedule an appointment at 401-247-1926 x 201.

THIS SYSTEM DOES NOT REPLACE 911! If you are able to dial 911 in an emergency, ALWAYS do so!

Recreation Department
Peck Center
281 County Road

Barrington, RI 02806


Senior Services

 Peck Center for Adult Enrichment
281 County Road

Barrington, RI 02806

401-247-1926 ext 201

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