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(RI Vehicle Registration NOT Barrington Address)

You will need information from your Driver' s License and Vehicle Registration.   You should have them available before beginning this process.  

This step of the Beach Pass Registration process is for Barrington Residents with Vehicle Registrations that do not show Barrington as the owner's address as with leased vehicles.   You will be required to upload 3 Images to demonstrate you are a legitimate Barrington Resident and or taxpayer.  Don't fret, the process is simple whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or a computer.    

  • You are required to upload an image of your active Driver's License.  
  • You are required to upload an image of your vehicle's active Registration.  
  • You also need to upload an Image of the document that shows you are a  legitimate  Barrington Resident and or taxpayer.  

Such documents include: (NOTE: SSN and Account Numbers may be Blocked out)  

  • Cover (Summary) Page of your Vehicle Lease Agreement
  • Barrington Property Tax Bill in your name.  
  • RI Secretary Of State filing for a business in your name located in Barrington. 
  • Recent Utility Bill in your name for your Barrington Address. 

(NOTE: SSN and Account Numbers may be Blocked out for privacy)  

When you have your documents ready, you may proceed.   

You will have 15 minutes from the time you complete the Form and the time you finish the payment process.

Anyone violating Beach regulations, including filing false information, may be subject to forfeiture of his/her beach pass, restriction from the use of the beach for the rest of the season and/or fines up to $50 for each offense. 

Online registrations are audited regularly
and No Refunds can be Granted

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